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Learn how to maximize your child's athletic journey through this educational online course designed from 60+ years of combined experience in sports as parents, coaches, and athletes at the collegiate and high school levels.

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This curriculum was designed for the hundreds of thousands of volunteer coaches who want to take the next step from How to Coach Kids but lack the time, finances or desire to enrol in more comprehensive coach education programs.


Whether you are coaching at a participation or competitive level of sport, this curriculum will support you by addressing & simplifying many of the relevant topics in today’s complex sport environments with a specific focus on how effectively connect with participants.

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Activating athlete development in your club is an exercise in behavior change. We want to help sport stakeholders change the way they think quality sport experiences should be facilitated, to the way evidence has proven they should be facilitated.


In doing this, we can facilitate optimal, quality sport experiences for as many as possible, as long as possible, in the best environments possible, minimize many of the downstream problems plaguing our sport systems and most importantly support both recreational & high-performance development pathways.


We developed an athlete onboarding system which provides the knowledge, tools & resources to successfully ACTIVATE athlete development in a club setting. 

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