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We  respect the role of officials, who often work under incredible pressure and face intense scrutiny and will share how to manage tools & tips.


Our philosophy; Respect!

Why be an Official


5 Reasons to be a Sports Official:

  1.  Stay in The Game

  2.  Meet People, Build a Social Network

  3.  Chance to Grow and Progress 

  4.  Secondary Income

  5.  Give Back

Why Officials Stop Officiating

  1.  Life gets in the way

  2.  Lack of progress in the sport - don’t know how to progress

  3.  Better job comes along for younger officials

  4.  Abuse

Why Officials keep on Officiating

  1.  Fun

  2.  Friends

  3.  Fair Play

  4.  Friendly competition

Perform at your Best


5 Daily Habits to Perform at your best

  1.  Study Hard

  2.  Get and Stay Fit

  3.  Deliberate Practice

  4.  Mentor and Give Back

  5.  Participate in Your Schedule

5 Tips to be ready for Game Day:

  1.  Sleep the Night Before

  2.  Get Work Done

  3.  Eat

  4.  Read The Book

  5.  Check In with Partner(s)

Why Sports Participation has Declined

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Lack of free play

Learn about why the lack of free play leads to a decline in sports participation.

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Early sport specialization

Specializing in one sport early in childhood does not allow youth to explore various sports to find the one they like best and gain transferable skills from one sport to another.


Marginalization of Physical Education 

Physical education in schools needs to change and we all need to work together to make changes.



See the impact technology has on sports participation and increased levels of anxiety, depression, and struggles with self-development.

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Decreased skill competence

Participation in sports has declined due to a decreased competence of fundamental movement skills.



The ability to afford enrolling kids in programs adds up and is not cheap. 

Safe Sports