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Providing quality sports knowledge that drives value for every stakeholder.

Despite becoming a global multi billion dollar a year business, sport lacks leadership connecting & guiding stakeholders through a quality sport process at the development end of the funnel. 

A clearly defined, easy to follow pathway is the start to consistent, sustainable athlete & coach development processes.

Quality Sport Hub provides this pathway. Quality Sport Hub is more than a clearinghouse for information & education. We provide the tools, knowledge and expertise to support the activation & accountability to quality sport experiences.


We’ll show you how to get the most from your experience.

Our philosophy; Athletes 1st!

We understand the key role you play in your child's development and will share how to be an effective leader. Our philosophy Engagement!

Outside of family, you spend the most amount of time educating movement vocabulary. Our philosophy Inclusion!

Knowledge on how to give and get the best from athletes is paramount to success. Our philosophy; Make it fun!

Officials often work under incredible pressure and face intense scrutiny and will share how to manage tools & tips. Our philosophy; Respect

Stepping up to do your part for your the club or association? We’re here to support you. Our philosophy; Keep It Simple.

Matt Young

I was introduced to the power of sport by a teacher who helped me use sports as a conduit to self actualization.

I have spent the last 25 years learning, coaching, mentoring, and experiencing the positive impact sport can have on lives.

Paying it forward, I work with people, teams & organizations to create positive, quality sport experiences for as many as possible, as long as possible, in the best environments possible.

The Quality Sport Hub is the culmination of these efforts. 


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Whether you are an organization, team, athlete, coach, or parents, we want to work with you to build quality sport experiences. 


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We offer courses for parent, coach, athletes, or organizations to build quality sport experiences for everyone.

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Listen to shows and episodes on how to build quality sport experiences for youth with guests from the NHL, Ohio State, and more.



Watch documentaries that outline why we need to make changes as an ecosystem to build quality sport experiences.

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Check out the 2020 Quality Sport Hub Top picks that will help you build your knowledge of the system and how we can all work better together.

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Learn about how we can support children in building better habits leading and healthier lives.



Read the latest news about the impact of quality sport experiences, of lack thereof, on the development in sports.


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